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    Jennifer Koh's Music Messenger

    Schools Without a Music Program

    Kindergarten through Middle School

    Jennifer Koh with studentsSound Exploration!!!
    A variety of sounds and "colors" produced on the violin are explored in combination with various solo violin repertoire in a "mini" recital. Students will learn to "separate" and "combine" the colors of the violin. Musical terms such as pizzicato, piano, forte, and chords vs. single notes will be part of a larger "painting" in a presentation that offers exposure to classical music in a fun and easy format. Students will also create their own music (with resources in the classroom) in a combined piece at the end of the presentation.

    Middle School through High School

    Travel Around the World with Music!!!
    This program emphasizes classical music's ability to transcend boundaries and speak to people of all races, class and cultures.

    Jennifer Koh with students

    Say It With Music!!!
    Students will explore music as a method of expressing oneself. Musical concepts will explore multiple "meanings" that one phrase of music can express. A "mini" recital will include the excerpts which are chosen by the students.


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