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By Fonseca-Wollheim
September 17, 2014
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2 x 4
Available from Cedille Records

Two x Four (CD review)

Johann Sebastian Bach, Anna Clyne, Philip Glass, David Ludwig

Jennifer Koh, Jaime Laredo, violinists (Cedille)

Pride, gratitude and tenderness are the key ingredients in the student-teacher dynamic uniting the violinist Jennifer Koh and her mentor Jaime Laredo and they make for a richly satisfying listening experience on this disc of double concertos. Anchoring it is that of Bach, with a gorgeous slow movement framed by brisk and communicative playing. There are intense emotions, too, in Anna Clyne’s “Prince of Clouds” and David Ludwig’s “Seasons Lost,” two specially commissioned works, and broody introspection in Philip Glass’s “Echorus.”

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