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By Gerald Fenech
March 18, 2017
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Jennifer Koh's Bach & Beyond Part 1

Masterly Fusion

Tchaikovsky's music for violin and orchestra - impresses

'The American violinist Jennifer Koh interprets these testing pieces with dazzling virtuosity and passionate exuberance, and the Violin Concerto in particular is one of the most exciting renditions I have heard in recent times.'

Tchaikovsky's output for violin and orchestra is encapsulated within a three-year span (1875-1878), and though the repertoire consists of just four compositions, these include some of his most popular works in the genre. And yet, in both substance and circumstance these pieces capture a vital part of the composer's life. Indeed they have all the hallmarks of Tchaikovsky's genius, melodic and dramatic instincts that vibrate within the listener's spirit with intensity and passion. Moreover, the music harks to several important figures that crossed his life's path and chronicles a period marked by personal tragedy and artistic triumph...

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