By Helga Davis
November 28, 2016
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Episode #4: Violinist Jennifer Koh

Violinst Jennifer Koh and vocalist Helga Davis with the cast from 'Einstein on the Beach' in The Greene Space (Matthew Septimus)

Violin soloist Jennifer Koh has never cancelled a gig. Even when she had pneumonia, bronchitis and strep throat... at the same time. That drive comes through in the intensity of her live performances and the fierceness of her determination.

In this conversation, Davis speaks with her colleague in the recent revival of Philip Glass and Robert Wilson's epic opera Einstein on the Beach about the toll her exacting performance takes on the body, the empathy required for a truly transcendent live show, and trusting that your personal perspective and experiences will resonate for others.p>

“You can just feel the edge of somebody’s hair. You’re with them and they’re with you. It’s a shared empathy and shared visceral communication.” -Jennifer Koh on being in the moment.

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