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By Andrew Patner
September 16, 2007
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You can't go wrong with whatever classical concerts you choose to attend this season An abundance of riches

Picking highlights from a classical season as rich as this fall in Chicago promises to brings to mind the exercise they use over in the business section when they have a monkey make stock picks: Just tossing a darts at the autumn music calendar would bring you concerts and recitals well worth hearing of works both new and old.

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jennifer koh

Jennifer Koh is both a local girl who has made good on the international scene and an extremely independent and unconventional artist who would rather follow her heart and intellect than play the same concerto warhorses or recital staples over and over.
With her frequent piano collaborator Reiko Uchida, Koh will make her University of Chicago Presents debut Nov. 9 at 7:30 p.m. at Mandel Hall by bracketing two very different contemporary works with challenging Mozart and Schumann sonatas. Both New York downtown mainstay John Zorn's "Goethia" for solo violin and Koh's Curtis Institute teacher Jennifer Higdon's "String Poetic" for violin and piano have literary influences which is fitting for Koh. This might be the most interestingly programmed recital of the year.

Nov. 9, 7:30 p.m. at Mandel Hall, 5720 S. Woodlawn. Tickets, $32; call (773) 702-8068.

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